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This site is in progress of creating. We're going to add more tips, dog's information, photos and wallpapers. But you're welcome to visit "Info & Links" page, for sure you'll find something of interest....

01.02.2007  At the end of January, site started applying for site awards. It's unusual project for Russian-speaking (writing) Internet. But very interesting and helpful. Reading awards criteria, we could improve the site to correspond them. Thanks to everybody, who approved our site, also we much obliged for very useful remarks and tips given by award programs owners.

09.12.2006   Added page "Dog's keeping and care. FAQ.

05.12.2006   Added page about cats- Elthon's friends. Enter from Links.

09.11.2006   Added page "WEB and Internet", devoted to web design, site promotion technique, etc. In Russian only.

06.11.2006   Added photo album "Washing of the red horse".  Who never saw wet poodle? will be surprised with his very small body.

30.10.2006   Sorry for delay with replies on mail, "Father" was at sea on his ship. Will revert shortly.

25.04.2006   Changed ( hope - improved )  design.

20.04.2006   New page regarding visits promotion. In Russian only.

18.04.2006   Old family links. German friends sent their poodle's photos - Only-For-You Kennel.

13.04.2006  Added nice novel about dogs "Bobik - guest of  Barbos" (Russian only). Also added new dog's photos and wallpapers.

01.04.2006  Added animals' photos, "dog's" wallpapers, enter through "LINKS" - highly recommended.

26.03.2006  Dog's show in Obninsk. Our brother and sister - Eldar & Esmeralda got "Big Perspective" award. Also, Esmeralda became "The Best Baby in Breed" and won 2nd price in "Best-In-Show".

01.12.2005 Elthon had moved to Novorossiysk, closer to warm Black Sea.

23.11.2005 г. Strangers, who came to look on puppies, Elthon recognized as a new family and ordered them to take care after himself.

29.09.2005 г. Beautiful puppies were born:  champion of Russia, Ukraine,  Club, Junior Champion of Russia, 3хCACIB, 2хBIS-1, BIG-3, jBIS-1 Fiery Dance Flamenco X  Champion of Russia Fiery Dance Solveig.
In set of puppies : - 2 red boys and one apricot (ELTHON !!!!), 1 apricot girl. (Obninsk-city). Photos available in our gallery.


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